Meet: Julie

Meet: Julie


What is one word that perfectly explains who you are?

How would you describe your style and who inspires it?
I think my style for the most part is somewhat classic or traditional, with splashes of trend mixed in. I really love color and texture, or adding one interesting piece to an otherwise “safe” outfit. So I try to bring these types of things into the way I dress. I’m also not a skirt/dress or very feminine type of dresser normally - I’m almost always in pants, even for dressy occasions - so in some ways it can look a little masculine or structured. 

As far as who inspires my style the most, I would have to say my maternal grandmother, Nanny Annie, who lived to be almost 102 and was absolutely stunning and always impeccably dressed until her very last day. My grandmother was born on the Lower East Side into an Orthodox Jewish family and instead of taking the traditional route of marrying young and starting a family, my grandmother went to fashion school and became a dress maker. She had an amazing eye for construction and fit, and imparted to me a sense of good materials and fabric. She loved color and often would wear a more neutral palette with one “pop” of color. She also was the one who knew how to add the perfect accessory, or scarf, or handbag that took an outfit from standard to just a little more “fashion-y.” She had beautiful clothes and she instilled in me an appreciation of quality over quantity; of buying one expensive piece that was made well and would last a long time, versus many poorly made or poorly fitting ones. 

What would you say to the 5 year younger version of yourself?
Well, this is probably more to the 15 year younger self rather than just 5 years ago, but first I would say to not sweat the small stuff and enjoy the ride. This year my older daughter started college and my younger one will be gone in another year and a half. And it’s honestly amazing how fast it all goes. So to just be present and soak it all up is key. 

I would also say to my younger self to start using sunscreen A LOT earlier and really good skincare creams and regimens are super important. It’s kinda crazy how quickly skin starts to age. 

What are your favorite local spots? 
Kiwi & Fig, of course!!! Another one of my favorite local shops was Clay Pot which I really miss having in the neighborhood. There are lots of food favorites - Al di La, Bricolage, Haenyo, Littleneck, Stone Park. 

Do you believe in miracles and why? 
I can’t say that I believe in miracles per se. But I do believe in the notion of destiny or a type of fate that can sometimes feel like a miracle. 

What’s your idea of the perfect day?
Specifically, a day that starts with a great cup of coffee, a little bit of alone time to read the news, followed by a really delicious brunch, music playing, and a walk in Prospect Park. More broadly, any day with family and/or friends, laughing and making memories is a perfect day. My mom was always a big entertainer and our house, growing up, felt like the center a lot of the time. There seemed to always be family coming over or my parents were hosting some kind of party for their friends and their kids. So those types of days really feel perfect to me (of course only when my daughters aren’t threatening to tear each other apart!) 

What’s your favorite cocktail?
A really good spicy margarita, on the rocks with salt. Although since our family trip to Ireland this summer, I’ve also discovered that I love a really good gin & tonic with lots of lime or cucumber and fresh herbs. I just assumed I didn’t like gin and I was sadly mistaken. 


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