At Kiwi and fig., our inspiration is the modern person and the inherent beauty of the human story. With an eye to the ever changing landscape of fashion, our mission is to translate this in a way that is tailored to the needs of each individual, and the myriad of roles they fill. Expression, seriousness, utility, and play - we believe in all of it - and know firsthand the power of the right accompaniments for the journey.

Opened in 2002 by Brooklyn-based designer Christine Alcalay, Kiwi +fig. are neighborhood stores with a community following and an openhearted, global outlook.

The brands we carry range from tried-and-true local designers to sophisticated global treasures along with our own beloved pieces threaded throughout.

We think of our store as a continuous conversation: with our customers, with each other, and with our past and future selves, all part of a greater collective culture.