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Motli Lighter

Motli Lighter

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The MOTLI® electric lighter and flashlight combo not only looks good - was designed to be on display - this lighter can light just about anything.

  • Rechargeable, with over 200,000 lifetime lights
  • Windproof 
  • Built-in flashlight 
  • Won’t burn your candle container or your fingers 
  • Equal to keeping over 100 disposable lighters out of landfills 
  • Child-safe ON-OFF button and auto-shutdown after 10 seconds 
  • Patented Ergonomic design sits comfortably in all hands 
  • Green Leaf Certified - uses biodegradable plastic shell 
  • Works great for candles, incense, gas stoves, fireplaces, camping, and just looking incredible 
  • SPECS: Size: 9.1" x 1.18" x .75"

Materials: Biodegradable ABS Weight: .18lbs

What’s included: 1 Motli® Lighter + 1 charging cable For instructions, scan QR code on back of packaging.

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