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Fulton and Roark

The Essentials Set

The Essentials Set

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Get everything you need for a complete scent experience. By streamlining your fragrances across your most-used grooming products, you can eliminate a jumble of competing scents. Instead, you’ll smell only of your favorite F&R fragrance.

Start your experience with our 8.8-ounce Bar Soap. Each long-lasting triple-milled bar soap is designed to nourish your skin while providing gentle exfoliation for your skin. After you shower, you will notice your skin feels clean and refreshed and slightly scented with your favorite F&R fragrance.

Next, apply our Inspired Deodorant. The powerful aluminum-free formula glides on easily and provides superior odor protection. Formulated with the same premium scents featured in our solid fragrances, your deodorant won’t just smell fresh, you will smell fantastic.

Complete your experience with the product that inspired it all. Each Solid fragrance allows its wearer to apply just enough fragrance so that those closest to him notice, but never the entire room. With the shatter-proof cast metal container, you can keep it with you and reapply it anytime and anywhere.

Highly-Concentrated Solid Fragrance | 0.2 oz

Long-lasting Triple-Milled Bar Soap | 8.8 oz/ 249.5 g

Aluminum-free Deodorant | 2.25 fl oz/ 64 ml

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